Calling the attention of failed dieters! Today, you will be able to check out the review of Paleo Burn diet. See if this system really works or just another scam on the internet. In this review, the pros and cons of the system will be discussed.

Diet actually plays a vital role when trying to lose weight. However, with so many recommendations and products on the internet, many folks struggle to come up with good diet plans. So the tendency is, many of them shift to intense workouts. Yet in the end, they still get zero results after hours and efforts going to the gym. On the flip side, Paleo Burn system has a different approach since it encourages the weight loss regimen similar to the people during Stone Age.


Ken Burge is the man behind Paleo Burn, a nutritionist, a fitness expert and a former businessman at the same time. The system actually started when he got overweight after eating so many fat gaining types of food and sitting in front of the computer for long hours. After experimentations and researches, he had the idea of formulating Paleo Burn diet. The name Paleo is actually derived from “Paleolithic” since this diet is so close to the types of food ate by caveman way back then. Basically, it requires eating lean mean, fruits and vegetables. Paleo Burn diet also prohibits followers from ingesting any type of oil although tolerates good fat such as omega 3 fatty acids. On the other hand, butter, chocolate and other dairy products are banned from this type of diet.

How does it Work?

Finally, the worst enemy of dieters and individuals trying to lose weight has been revealed in this system. According to Ken Burge, when you eat any types of “GRAINS”, you body releases bad hormones and can be converted into pure fat, which may trigger serious related illnesses and even death. Burge also added that grains are a form of grass, and grass is only for cows and other dairy animals. Logically speaking, it’s true. On the other hand, according to the author, there were no fat cavemen and cave women. Therefore, adopting the lifestyle, especially the type of food they use to eat would definitely help in keeping the body in good shape as well as in good health.

This methodology works on a technique called modeling, which means studying the successful results and implementing it yourself. Paleo Burn is a well-researched diet plan truly from the healthiest humans, and they are the cavemen. It promises to help in losing 31 lbs in 90 days. Along with the easy exercises, Paleo Burn diet is more focused on meal plans and the preparation of food.

Burge also claims that this system works for everyone even for people with slow metabolism, diabetes and thyroid condition. Unlike other fat loss programs on the internet, Paleo Burn diet is not associated with health supplements, extreme workout plan, starvation diets, low carb diets and fad diets.

After all, there are proven researches supported by science stating that this type of diet plan helps in preventing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, hypertension and obesity. There are also agencies that conducted backup studies such as the US Library of Medicine and the European Journal for Clinical Nutrition. They both revealed that this eating style helps in increasing the metabolism of an individual as well as in reducing body fat.


The Bad Side:

One of the disadvantages of the system is that it requires major chances in your lifestyle.  If you are a grain lover, then this system is not designed for you. Another thing is that you’ll spend more since you have to search for unusual types of food just to follow the diet plan. On the other hand, most types of food included in the diet plan lacks flavor. But you need not worry since there are books on how to cook favorable dishes without losing the Paleo concept. So far, these are just minor issues and everyone understands what the role of Paleo Burn diet is in achieving your goal.

Not to sound biased, but based from testimonials and reviews, Paleo Burn diet is an incredibly effective system that helps in losing weight. However, this program may fail depending on how you’ll work on it. Diet alone is indeed useless. Definitely, you still have to perform exercises for best results. It doesn’t mean you have to spend long hours on the gym. Just to make everything in balance, you need to do so.

Before you decide to buy Paleo Burn diet, make sure you have the willingness as shifting to meal plan is not that easy. Anyway, you need not worry since there is an 8-week money-back guarantee when you order. Having said that, Paleo Burn diet truly worth a try!